Please in Chinese

How to Say Please in Chinese

To say please in Chinese, you only need a single Chinese character, “qǐng.” (See below). But, learning please in Chinese is much easier with this video!

Please in Chinese Video

Take a moment to watch this video on please in Chinese so

  • you can hear the phrase please in Chinese
  • you can see the Chinese character for please
  • you can read the Chinese PinYin for please in Chinese
  • you can find out where to use please in Chinese in a sentence

Please in Chinese Characters

The Chinese character for please is “qǐng” said with the falling and rising third tone and sounds much like “ching.” Take a look below to see the Chinese character itself and the Chinese PinYin.

please in Chinese

To hear please in Chinese, however, take a moment to watch the video and also see how please in Chinese is used in a sentence.


Please in Chinese Audio

Audio for Please in Chinese

To say please in Chinese, it really helps to listen to an audio of someone else saying it. When you hear the Chinese phrase over and over again, it seems to stick more easily in mind–that’s how it is with Mandarin Chinese. Hearing others saying it daily is the optimal situation, but if you don’t live in a Chinese community, you might find it difficult to hear please in Chinese.

please in Chinese Click Here to Listen to Please in Chinese please in Chinese

That’s why I’ve recorded just a few second audio of please in Chinese. Feel free to listen as many times as you’d like, and without a doubt, you’ll be saying please in Chinese in no time!

Please in Chinese: Pleading

Please in Chinese: The Difference

If you say please in Chinese using 请 (qǐng), then you’ll be politely requesting that someone perform some task. But, if you are pleading with someone and want to say please in Chinese, then you should use the Chinese phrase, 拜托了(bài tuō le) instead.

please in Chinese (begging)

Saying Please in Chinese (Pleading)

To say please in Chinese while pleading with someone (or even begging them), you’ll use 拜托了(bài tuō le) as mentioned above. But for those unfamiliar with Chinese characters or the Chinese PinYin that follows the phrase, letting you know how to say it, let’s go over each character.

  • 拜 (bài) sounds like “buy” said with a sigh of relief
  • 托 (tuō) sounds like “tw” + “o” +”aaawww” said with the level first tone
  • 了(le) sounds like “luh” without any tone

For more on Chinese tones, click the previous link. Hope that helps in saying please in Chinese!